Why can’t most former footballers become presidents of the Football Association?

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Football Association. Aside from Michel Platini, the Ballon d’Or player who has been seated as UEFA’s chief executive. We rarely see any former world-class player in charge of the organization. Football big numbers until success and recognition

It is strange that footballers have been with this sport their whole lives. Many of them are Mr. Nice Guy. It is regard as being fit to be the head of the organization or president of the football association of the country after they retire. 

but even so Why is it that there is rarely anyone to act in an executive role? Let’s try to analyze it. Follow along with the Main Stand 

Clearly separated

Management work is no matter what industry. A leader is like a manager. Who must use all his or her abilities to analyze strategies, make decisions, plan, execute. And draw conclusions to keep the organization moving forward. 

Football is the same. Football managerial jobs require a wide range of expertise. In addition to knowing football, you also need to know about management and marketing. Because everything is equally important.

It can be seen that the body of knowledge required to work. It is almost a different matter from the performance in the field. Although there is an inevitable connection as the saying “good management = good team performance”, but the science of leadership in football organizations. It’s not about laying out the details and how you play on the field. But they are the people. Who have to choose people to work in different positions according to the vision laid out with the organization. 

Have a face in society

From the work, it is not surprising that Why do people in management positions have high incomes or salaries? because of all this responsibility must use both the power and grace to govern the organization Including having problems to solve every day. Of course, for anyone who has studied management. This position is a dream position that “Reasonable income” and more importantly “Have a face in society” as well.