Ex-referee calls for Torino-Inter two games to be punished

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Paolo Cazarin, former Serie A referee Blame the actions of Marco Guida and Davide Massa. The two referees in Torino – Inter, should be punish.

On-field referee Guida refuse to award a penalty to Torino after Andrea Belotti was foule by Andrea Ranocchia. While VAR referee Massa also did. Also ignored, causing no slow-motion on the field to occur Kazarin thinks both referees deserve to be punish for the wrong decision from the ufabet game. The penalty will be a suspension of at least three games.

“Even a two-year-old could see that the penalty The referee had a problem too because he saw everything. But VAR must give him a chance to see the incident again. VAR can’t stay silent, that’s a system failure.”

“A action (punishment) must be take. When the on-field umpire makes a mistake. And the other did not intervene.” “I would like to ask Rocky to listen to the referee’s conversation on the pitch with VAR. Because Ranocchia’s foul against Belotti was very clear,” Cazarin said.

DAZN’s refereeing pundit and former official Luca Marelli acknowledged it was a definite mistake and he had “no justification or explanation”. For why the VAR did not suggest an on-field review.

Marelli also zoomed in on the suggestions Belotti had handle in the build-up, but ruled that was not true either, as it hit his shin.