Argentine striker Dario Benedetto, joined Elche on loan from Olympique Marseille

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Argentine striker Dario Benedetto, 31 , joined Elche on loan from Olympique Marseille. During the past summer transfer market Has performed well lately, scoring two goals in his last five La Liga

games, plus his last game, a 2-1 defeat at home to Real Madrid on Saturday, Benededto was substitute. During the last 20 minutes of the game And headed the assist for Pere Milja to hit the egg,

Obtaining Mexican citizenship as a special case

Dario Benedetto was born in Verazategui. In Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina, the favorite sport of football as a child. In addition to having Argentine nationality also received Mexican citizenship as a special case. Because he had been playing football in the Mexican League for 3 years,

Had stopped playing football. and become a laborer

Benededto started his footballing journey with the youth team of Independiente in Argentina But at the age of 12, his mother died suddenly of cardiac arrest. during an amateur sporting event until having to stop playing football for many years and began to frequent school Benededto was ordered to work as a laborer with his father.

Used to perform music on television shows

The time away from playing football Benededtto has formed a control band. along with his cousin “Los del Pato” playing the drummer of the band. and was very successful until appearing on the famous TV show “Pasion de Sabado”

Returned to football at the age of 16

Benededto returned to football at the age of 16, starting with Arsenal de Sarandi, then in 2013 moved to Mexican football with Tijua. Na and Club America later returned in 2016 to their homeland with Boca Juniors, until moving to European League experience with Olympique Marseille in 2019

As both a player and shareholder of the club. Elche

Dario Benededto or “El Pipa”, besides being a footballer of Elche He is also a shareholder in the company of Christian Bragarnik, the owner of the club. Which Bragarnik has come to buy the club Elche. Since December 2019, when the team was still in the Segunda Liga